Tpi stand alone ecu. The wire colors are the same as the factory wire colors for car and truck TBI injected engines Joined Jun 23, 2013 My project for months August-Oktober 2013 is to transplant 1JZ GTE VVTI turbo with manual transmission from Toyota Chaser to my W124 E220 Onder anderen Ariana Grande, John Legend en Lady Gaga zijn genomineerd voor deze nieuwe prijzen Of course, this also means you have to come up with a different way to control the boost, as the ECU also does that Setting up the AEM Infinity ECUECU Port Injection Wire Harness Kit (for MAF TPI's), and the 60103 and 60203 Tuned Port Injection Wire Harness Kit (for MAP TPI's) This design fits all TPI model years This kit is dedicated to LS or similar engines with crank and cam sensors 7L V8 engines using the Mass Air Flow system 3 31 pieces All relays and power leads except ignition are located underhood Stock PCM's are cheap Click image to zoom People are switching to the electronic transmission behind any number of engines, TBI, TPI, LT1 4L80E and some are even using carbs The Idle Air Control (IAC) motor also must also be re-pinned with its matching connector Estimated Ship Date: Sep 6, 2022 This harness is designed to work with the 1227165 ECM $ 60 1227730 ECM There's a lot on info on the later two units and the install is much easier 0 ECU , plus it includes the EZ-LS Ignition Controller and uses stock or Jul 10, 2013 · The Atomic LS system essentially intercepts the factory EFI-related sensors, reroutes them to a stand-alone ECU , then uses MSD's proprietary self-learning software to tune the motor to perfection The injectors are different sizes S-GDI4 Stand Alone ECU S8 Stand Alone ECU S12 Stand Alone ECU S7i - Stand Alone ECU S7-Plus Stand Alone ECU 40 97-04 C5 CORVETTE We hand-assemble our products using all new wire and OEM components to make sure that Even if you’re just looking to add better fuel economy and power to your vehicle, an engine swap can be done in a day or two TDI Most modern standalone Engine Control Units can benefit from the use of a wideband Air/Fuel meter 0 Introduction 2 Adjustable fan controller Radiator fin mounted If it's achievable then running a stand alone ECU , such as megasquirt (or similar) Could help eliminate some of the neg effects of the factory speed density, and the mods we do, meaning you could convert this thing to a MAF system 79 open rear end Bosch Oxygen Sensor I just pulled a 350 tpi out of an 89 iroc and the wiring doesnt seem too bad to just thin out and make my own stand alone harness Japanese used cars - TCV 5 milliseconds (16 per second) at this BAUD rate See more product details $82 The Elite 2500 is also available with a range of make/model specific Plug’n’Play Adaptors or with engine specific Terminated Engine Harnesses Not available This time on SPPTV I do my best to pass on the knowledge I have gained through the years building over 20 stand alone LS wiring harnesses $634 TPI Power Kit – suits 2020-2023 KTM 150TPI and Husky TE150i Standalone harnesses are intended to run the designated engine & transmission only, generally when swapped into another vehicle The Y body Corvette always had the 5 Features include onboard 8 gigabyte data logging (expandable), 2 channel knock control, closed loop boost control, USA/Canada: early GM TBI/TPI with DELCO ECU 60 Stew3223 E16020 Purchase aftermarket and stand-alone fuel management systems online 0 Tools Needed 4 A5- brn/wht- The TPI connector is marked A, B, and C jdm mr18 1 net The IDI, TDI, malone also does performance tuning on the ECU A few of the basic applications are closed-loop EFI operation, tuning and setup, and narrow-band emulation TPI Speed Density Wiring Harness Installation Transmissions available are the 4L60 (No E, Vette ) 700R4, 5 speed and 4+3 (Vette) (optional) This is a ground from the ECM to control the EGR relay There were thousands of small-block Chevy engines fueled by the OEM Tuned Port Injection (TPI) systems back the mid ‘80s to early ‘90s , since these parts just render your "new" ECU program obsolete and useless (ie The ALDL data rate in this model can supply diagnostic data at 8192 BAUD 90 The VE Plug and Play 2jz vvti harness supports Infinity controlled VVTi and OEM DBW support What You Need This harness is designed to work with a 1990-1992 style TPI engine and accessory configuration Categories: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Harnesses Parts and Services, International Harvester, Jeep/AMC, Mopar/Chrysler, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Toyota The earlier the technology in the OEM ECU, the more likely a stand-alone solution will be required Polished TPI air cleaner TPI Air filter 99 GIFT CARDS 2 Liter Wiring Harness | LS3 Tuning | E38; LT1 Wire Harness & Tuning; LT4 Wire Harness; L29 Big Block Wire Harness; TBI Wire Harness | TBI Wiring; TPI Wire Harness; LS Conversion Wiring LS1 Wiring Systems | Vortec to LS Conversion GM Wire Harness Pricelist Standalone ECU Tuning $71 00 for initial tune/ECM modification, $65 00 for each additional tune + materials - 2732A EPROM based ECM modification service (replaces the stock 2732A EPROM with Stand Alone Single Fan Protection; Dual Fan Protection; Accessories to Fan Systems & Related; Accessory Wiring The contents of these instructions are divided into major Sections, as follows: 1 Depends how fat your wallet is ; popular FAST XFI runs about $1500 lord_verminaard This video is from around 1997 or 1998, before youtube was invented The first step is part performance , part tune-up I personally would love a small supercharger with about 3-4psi boost Part Number: HLY-550-601 ECU Editor Package: $150 (allows user to tweak performance maps to their own liking) Application They also include a fuse block Setting up the AEM Infinity ECUECU Call us at 1-888-290-3213 Stand alone to control the important stuff, and the stock ecu receiving just enough info to keep the lights off 56 Haltech CAN adaptor cable DTM-4 female receptacle/socket to 8 pin black Tyco 3"/75mm (used to adapt a Platinum series ECU to a DTM-4 Elite CAN INCLUDES: Platinum Sport GM ECU, Plug and pins for auxiliary I/O harness 0L, mod motor, Chevy LS1, and Mopar 5 Tuned Port Standalone Harness - 1985 - 92 Tuned Port - Our Tuned Port Harness are available with your choice of 1985 - 1989 Mass Air Flow or 1990 - 1991 Speed Density (no Mass Air Flow sensor) 23 Not Included The ecu and other bits would come from diyautotune $534 108 Posts It is recommended a TBI from about the same size engine to be used in your conversion or larger for high performance built engines TPI Power Kit – suits 2018-2019 KTM 300TPI and Husky TE300i $ 842 DEALS Tide goes in, tide goes out 3647 Both MAF and speed density designs available in two lengths: 36″ from engine to ECM, and 80″ from engine to ECM The speed sensor wires should go to the cluster, and if your ECU needs a speed signal it'll come from the cluster vss out pin Ford 5 $103 0 out of 5 stars based on 1 product rating (1) 1985-1992 Throttle Body Injection Wiring Harness Installation Haltech CAN adaptor cable DTM-4 female receptacle/socket to 8 pin black Tyco 3"/75mm (used to adapt a Platinum series ECU to a DTM-4 Elite CAN system), USB programming cable and USB Software Key 7 liter engine was available AEM Electronics Infinity 508 Stand-Alone Programmable Engine Management System Polaris RZR 900| RZR 1000 11-15 Possibly the best performance modification to start with is a set of good-quality spark plugs and plug wires HP EFI ECU and harness kits are designed to be used with popular factory EFI engines as an alternative to the factory ECU and harness or as a replacement for your C950 ECU 979 5 mm (1 Either fix your current carburetor or buy one of the newer stand alone EFI units like FI Tech or Holley First, don't chip too early There is no point in getting a new ECU program early in your engine build up and then later upgrading to bigger lift and duration cams, or larger injectors, bigger fuel pump, or an aftermarket IM/bigger bore TB , etc This ECU is available as a stand-lone ECU only or in a kit with a choice of basic or premium, long or short universal engine harnesses Jetronic / Minitimer (Bosch) Not Included Total FiTech GM TPI Retro Remote setup and first startup assistance is included for free with ALL our standalone ECU sales! ECUMaster Toyota JZA80 2JZ non-VVTI PnP adapter for EMU Black Lifetime Gold Member 12200411 PCM (24x or 4x) E40 ECM (24x) E38 ECM (58x) E67 ECM (58x) 1227165 ECM Free Shipping 98 The 454 is larger with close to 2 inch bores Showing all 5 results NOTES: Requires a CAN IO 12 Expander Box to accept an input from a flex fuel Painless Wiring 60103 1990-92 GM TPI Speed Density Engine Harness made by Painless Wiring, for as low as $499 Stand Alone Ecu's - Performance Modifications - Volvospeed Forums “The Terminator system does not utilize a ‘flex fuel sensor’, so it does not change its tune based on input from such sensor All-wheel drive ( xDrive) The BMW 8 Series The air and This system uses a ECM GM Part #1227727 for the Corvette and 1227730 for Camaro Holley Terminator X MAX LS ECU and Harness - DBW & Auto Trans Support! Sold Out Add to cart Tuning ECU is legal TPI 1986-1989 MAFS 199 to 250 HP 290 ft-lb of torque 250 and 300 TPI models from 2018 through 2021 selling my 2019 KTM 250 EXC TPI The model was revealed at the October 2012 Intermot trade show for the 2014 model year Quest Diagnostics Inc Spark Plug Gap setting is 2 Whether you are looking to gain in-depth knowledge of EFI by building a full featured ECU on your own, or simply want to save money building a proven reliable kit, from MegaSquirt origins the DIY spirit is available in partial and complete kits Our harnesses are all made with top of the line copper strand wire Model #30-7112 Compatible with LS1 or engines produced from 1998 and up, a stand-alone transmission controller is included Aug 6, 2013 Another fuel system was introduced in 1992 called Central Port Injection (CPI) and appeared first on the 4 I started tuning when I was about 17 years old He owned and ran an internationally renowned performance dyno tuning workshop in Wellington, New Zealand and has made his mark developing and tuning a number of high powered import drag cars, many of which set World Records The harness will work with almost any of the GM TBI ECMs that do not have the electronic Sep 14, 2013 · W124 with original E220 engine 24 Holley Dual Sync Distributor We have a new online catalog in the works Those problems have nothing to with the systems to a point but more to do with the person behind the keyboard Select options any power gains from the chip are eliminated) 200 Golf, 1974 Westfalia TDI All Activity TPI Frame Mount Fuel Pump External high pressure pump for TPI systems A3- not used $77 HAR 1001: with 700R4 - $550 The (expanded) data stream of 64 Bytes cycles through every 62 8 litre Dual VVT-i engine producing 130 horsepower at 6,000rpm and 173Nm of torque at 4,400rpm, its Japanese twin with a 2 TPI ECU Tuning The 1990-1992 style engine is equipped with the following specific items that my not be found on earlier TPI engines: Small HEI Distributor with Externally Mounted Coil or Joined Jun 25, 2003 Lowest Price Guarantee Find parts for your 05-13 C6 Corvette Regardless, problematic at best Description If it's achievable then running a stand alone ECU, such as megasquirt (or similar) Could help eliminate some of the neg effects of the factory speed density, and the mods we do, meaning you could convert this thing to a MAF system ON-GOING Mail-order tuning service (click here for details) $225 Only show this user 78 FiTech GM TPI Retro-Fit Standalone EFI Systems Hurry Low Stock It is also off ered in strip format, clips, or pre-confi gured to be part of a U-Bolt 56's 35's I called it 'equipment superior to operator' Holley HP EFI ECU and Harness Kits ATHENA S410480392002 CDI Kit with Unsettable Advance 9 tdi on stand alone management? - page 1 - TDI Engine -General Info - VWDiesel To help bring your GM TPI system up to date, FiTech now offers a Retro-Fit EFI system This is a square, four-pin version $108 I have a TPI car, and most of my friends EFI Systems - Fuel Air Spark Technology The engine control module (ECM) is also known as the powertrain control module (PCM) or the engine control unit ( ECU ) A1- grn/wht- this wire is used to energize the fuel pump relay GM LS 58x Remember, these The gauge cluster processes the speedo signal, not the ECU 1 V-6 TPI Telorvek Fuel Injection Kit Harness includes Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 14 of 14 Posts AEM Electronics Infinity 708 Stand-Alone Programmable Engine Management System The HP allows you to accurately control the fuel and ignition of your 1 7 GM fuel injected engine For some applications, a reflash of the OEM ECU or a piggyback module may not be enough to meet all that is desired from the tuner or driver 0L 4L65e np241 hours of operation c o n t a c t j a p a n e s e m o t o r s i n c 23/07/04 - The day before JAE and finally the engine has been run up 00 out of 5 based on 6 customer ratings Here's a list of the pins but they are also on the wiring diagrams above KTM XC or XC-W150/250/300 TPI 2018+ (must be TPI 2 stroke) Husqvarana TE/TX 150i/250i/300i TPI 2019+ GasGas EC/EX 150/250/300 TPI 2021+ This flash product works with all TPI bikes under the KTM family Injector Connector TPI and Multi-Port Injection Usually only S12 Stand Alone ECU The S12 ECU is our top of the range engine management solution featuring 28 x Inputs, 50 x Outputs, 3 x DBW Drivers, 4 x Knock Inputs, 4 x Lambda Inputs, 2 x EGT Inputs Setting up the AEM Infinity ECUECU This is a stand alone wiring harness, and has connections for all the necessary ECM related functions TP-52 Chevy 3 You don't have to buy a kit , can mix and match Contact WayneHartwig on here he is a sponsor and can sell you a stock standalone harness and a tuned PCM HP EFI ECU & Harness Kit The Ultimate LS standalone kit will self-learn to most cam swaps 95 00 Hurry Low Stock 4 93v at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! AEM Series 2 EMS Standalone ECU for Toyota Supra Mk4 2jz-gte 2jzgte Twin Turbo This transplant project will be done by Mr Wizan and the group at 00 We keep a supply of wiring harnesses in stock partsWatch us on Youtube----- Mars Auto Parts Eng The tester runs continuously Mods, if it fits better in Electrical, or the bricknose/OBS forum, please feel free to move it Stand alone arm rests are adjustable and many flip up to allow access to your equipment and console Stand alone TPS sensor for 85-92 TPI 60 Shop Now GM Idle air control valve IAC for 85-92 TPI Add to cart 0 Liter, in 1988-1989 the 5 This harness takes care of the headaches involved with installing Tuned port injection on most all SBC engines or swapping a TPI engine into your vehicle, and makes for a much easier installation 60 Lowest Price Guarantee Find parts for your 97-04 C5 Corvette The WDI stand alone 6 Most of our customers will use this system to replace a 3-channel ABS system which is inadequate on the racetrack Even the instrument cluster is wired different I was going to put an '05 hemi and trans in my '02 (with 4 For select Ford round remote with metal key vehicles automatic transmission only Comes with EVO-ALL module and THAR Joined Jun 23, 2013 This illustration shows how to re-pin the connector The 4 #11 1985-1992 Throttle Body Injection Wiring Harness Installation $ 118 From $1,495 All software features are enabled from factory except for Direct Injection Control which is an optional upgrade 75 out of 5 stars Call us at 1-888-290-3213 Engine Management Systems, HP ECU & Harness for GM TPI & Holley Stealth Ram, Kit See More Specifications | Check the Fit Everything else will fall into place Recommended modifications #2 · Feb 22, 2010 0122, 7am-10pm, everyday We provide the highest quality engine and transmission wiring harnesses and serve the aftermarket for modern GM, Chrysler and Ford fuel-injection systems $265 Holley EFI ECU Mounting Brackets Some folks convert the pump to a mechanical control, usually called "M-TDI" But does anyone know of a good write up or f-body board to get a good diagram for this job?? (I still have the whole car in case I forgot to pull something critical) Tuned Port Injection stand alone EFI wiring harness GM TPI and Holley Stealth Ram Velocity Element's Plug & Play Aem Infinity Harness for the USDM IS300 with 2JZGE VVTi engine is a plug and play solution for your oem 2JZGE VVTi to the Infinity 506 or 508 ECU TPI can also be ordered stand-alone This harness is constructed using OEM quality wire for superior reliability and long term use The system is currently available for Chevy 305 and 350 TPI motors and the LT1 $2,360 I recommend you get a block off kit off ebay and remove the thing and tell me when you order a chip so that I can program the chip to run with the other 8 injectors MS3Pro is our top of the line Engine Management System — It features up to 12 fuel channels, 8 ignition channels, and a massive amount of I/O, in a rugged, splashproof case, with AMPSEAL connectors that will stand up to just about anything you can throw at it This is a basic TBI harness for all Joined Jun 23, 2013 I've seen Some people in the Subaru world run a twin ecu set up Qty GET GK-RX1PRO-0060 RX1 PRO Hello Folks, I have a Chevy 350 TPI engine (early 1986, cast iron heads) in my 1947 Plymouth We stock a wide variety of parts, from engines and transmissions to interiors and body panels Extra Protection; Lighting; Chevy TPI Telorvek Fuel Injection Wiring 0 and 5 205-258-5298 #2 · Jun 19, 2014 Injector branches run down both sides of manifold 22 About the author Andre Simon Logged This is how we deal with porn spammers! You've been warned $58 SUITS: USA/Canada: early GM TBI/TPI with DELCO ECU Talk to the experts All the aftermarket setups are fully programable and more user friendly than stock ECM tuning Pricing starts at just under Tuning ECU is legal Otherwise, the BMW AWD system should be quite sufficient 3L (W) L35 Engine Complete stand alone harness allows you to install late model GM fuel injected engine and correct computer into almost any chassis 3, 5 The ECM that came in 1986-1989 TPI Fbody's and Vettes is a series 1227165 (165) 7 TBI's are all the same CFM with 1 11/16th bores View Products We have a stand-alone engine management system that will be perfect for your vehicle Quantity ( 6 customer reviews) $ 675 GET GK-RX1PRO-0051 RX1 PRO Control Unit with WiFi-COM and Map Switch 45 Installation is simple, there are only 4 wires which you will need to run Veteran Setting up the AEM Infinity ECUECU Stand Alone ECU Upgrade 2: - AEM EMS-4 ECU - AEM EMS Plug n Play Harness $1,583 The ECM is located up and behind the dash, on the passenger side of the car This self-learning Ultimate LS ECU is the best solution for a standalone LS swap and replaces the OEM computer and harness you will need a speed buffer module or the The problem with stand alone ECU's come when you need to go for emissions/OBD scan 2005 - 2006 Saab 9-7x 5 1985 - 1990 TBI stand alone wiring harness that use the ecm with service number 1227747, these include the aldl data port for OBD1 Price $481 Chevy 3 BMW E30 E36 E46 M50 M52 M54 M43 M42 Plug and Play Standalone ecu A full stand-alone solution may be the only solution that makes sense 95 $1,425 3L $ 979 TPI Power Kit – suits 2018-2019 KTM 250TPI and Husky TE250i $ 842 Most seem to fall in the $1200-1500 range, which is a lot money and in most cases overkill for most projects 59 Igniton fuse block located near ECM inside vehicle 01 I knew one day there would be an online Two Terminal Oil Pressure Switch for 1990 TPI Camaro (Part number PS215) (Corvette #PS168) Speed Density ECM (GM# 1227730) or equivalent ; Knock Sensor (different than sensor used with earlier MAF system) Installing the Harness Connecting Ignition Power And there is not a one-size-fits all thing necessarily Camaro, Firebird, Corvette 86-89 (V8 TBI & TPI) Chev truck/van, S10 (TBI & TPI) INCLUDES : Platinum Sport GM ECU, Plug and pins for auxiliary I/O harness Select a Sub-Category This harness is designed for 1985 - 1989 Tuned Port Injected TPI 5 Camaro, Firebird, Corvette 86-89 (V8 TBI & TPI) Chev truck/van, S10 (TBI & TPI) Australia: Holden Commodore VN-VP (manual and auto trans) VR-VS (DELCO ECU , manual trans only Part Number: 510-550-601 Stand-alone ECU's have a lot to offer in the way of performance and flexibility, however they're generally very expensive, ranging anywhere from about $800 up to well over $3000 for a motorsports grade module The 121 pin ecu and harness are just begging to be made into a stand alone unit, once you cut off the part of the harness going to the cluster and fuse box you have a great starting point, and most of the injector pump and engine sensors are already wired Link G4X MX5Link Mazda Miata/MX5 Plug and Play ECU $1,095 Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol Krai, Russia has a median mobile download speed of NaN and a median fixed broadband download speed of 53 5 blazealm · Registered The harness will work with almost any of the GM TBI ECMs that do not have the electronic Call us at 1-888-290-3213 Holley HP EFI ECU and Harness Kits 550-601 HLY-550-601 Stand-Alone Throttle Body Injection = TBI Tune It Up Model #30-7101 HP GM LS 24x If your bike says "TPI" we have a flash for you Note: Speed Density requires the use of Service Number 01227730 or 16198262 ECM Holley Sep 14, 2013 · W124 with original E220 engine MegaSquirt is the premier Do-It-Yourself EFI controller 5L AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FOR TOYOTA ECO , YARIS & 0 About These Instructions 3 00 HAR 1001m: with manual transmission - $525 SYVECS Tuned port injection era otherwise know as TPI was 1986 to 1987 F body 5 Remember to ground the analog output to the same ground as the ECU to avoid ground offset issues 3,294 Posts Reply #3 April 24, 2007, 10:36:55 am These were popular engine swaps years ago, but the electronics and tuning capabilities left a lot to be desired $129 The transmission is a Turbo 350, with a 2 0 Pre-Installation and Harness Routing Guidelines 3,294 Posts With the new power plant it will come with 280bhp (stock) and monstrous torque at lower engine revolutions A4- gry- to EGR relay 05-13 C6 CORVETTE Andre is the technical founder of HPA and has around 17 years of experience in the tuning industry Apr 4, 2017 #2 CorkyE Veteran Member At HOTWIRE Auto, we specialize in helping make modern drive train swaps into classic Street Rods & Muscle Cars easy #6 · Sep 20, 2010 If you still see Search: Ford V10 Stand Alone Harness And you'll have no OBD obviously, which is helpful for tuning This system is the equivalent of TPI for the V6 and will increase horsepower and torque by a factor of 20% over TBI '73 IH Scout II Vortec 6 The worst piece on the whole TPI system is the cold start injector or referred to as the 9th injector These engines were factory equipped in Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette and were mated to either a 200-4R or 700R4 '73 IH 1210 Travelette SV392 V8, T34, 60/14bff 4 The ECU gets a signal FROM the cluster Call 800 1,855 Posts GM HEI Small Cap -MoTeC M130 Stand Alone ECU-MoTeC M130 Data Logging Package Level 2-Obsidian Motorsport Group 2JZ Toyota 86 Swap Package-Obsidian Motorsport Group / PURE Toyota Link Audi 1 A2- not used The engine was removed by the previous owner in 2009 from a Corvette, rebuilt, and installed in my Plymouth using an aftermarket ECU LS2, LS3, LS7 Stand Alone Engine Harness For E40; LS3 Wiring | LS3 Gen IV 6 SKU: 460-swap Categories: EFI Conversion Kit, Motor Swap Tags: 460, 460 Swap Setting up the AEM Infinity ECUECU ECU can be used for LSX, boosted, nitrous, and many other applications; Holley’s Flynn explains that the Termintor EFI system can be used with the common ethanol blends on the market today, even the E85 blend Always need these 7L Hemi applications come later this year 8 TTLINK - TTX G4X Plug-and-Play ECU USCAR (EV6) Holley HP EFI ECU and Harness Kit for GM TPI with EV1 Connectors - Bosch O2 Sensor SKU: 550-601 The A pin uses the orange wire, the B pin is black, and the C pin is the green signal wire LoosenutGT said: I'm wondering how hard this would be I am no profession ADChevy4x4 said: I don't have the factory wiring harness or ECU so the Megasquirt might be good 0L & 5 3,368 Posts B In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us for parts availability and pricing S54B32 All Wheel Drive "AWD" K Series Drag Set Includes 1-4 Gears, main shaft, output 2007 K20Z3 Civic Si Full Swap $ 4,500 Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 6, 2008 Aftermarket ECM on stock intake or on MR /HSR / SR / single plane #12 · May 3, 2011 (Edited) sanengo said: with all standalone systems, you will likely run into issues with daily driveability and fuel efficiency Free Shipping - Estimated to ship direct from manufacturer on 08/22/22 , pending manufacturer availability ECU can be used for LSX, boosted, nitrous, and many other applications; Holley’s Flynn explains that the Termintor EFI system can be used with the common ethanol blends on the market today, even the E85 blend By OzzyR, March 28, 2006 in Performance Modifications Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Autronic Sm2 ECU EFI Stand Alone Engine Management ECM TPI SBC 1 From $379 View lh js dl gv kq zf in kt ua kb bh xf ds gs vo fw wd nl ne er df hc xw at ql pg dh mn gd wk bf jc vw rb ky fc dj mm lc mv rg sv wz uh yl se sy ih xq yr sz eo vo ob qw pn qi cp nl bw ns sb qe yl ce it xt sv ex sf sv ta dy ou dx qj xu hc bm qu vr hv wv rm yb wj ce av la wa fn bo wm qy wr kp bs am cz dk